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My Story

Welcome to my adventure. I am Angela Goedde, the creator and artist behind TURCHÉSE. I am a midwest girl from South Bend, IN, who moved to Nashville, TN in 2011 to follow my bliss and the southern heat. Growing up I was fortunate to be surrounded by a long line of hardworking and successful entrepreneurs. At a young age, I knew I wanted have my own business, and I am overjoyed to be following their footsteps. This company embodies my greatest passions rolled into one and has been over a decade in the making.

Designing, creating and styling has always been an important part of my life. As a child my creative spirit was channeled in many forms of the arts from music, dance, photography, and fashion. I am an artist and a collector. I believe my love of antiques and thrifting runs in my blood. My grandparents and parents had a house full of beautiful furnishings, however, they were always finding ways to score a good deal. We would stop at any garage sale on the side of the road, and every summer we would have our own; where I would often set up a small stand selling lemonade and friendship bracelets to reap the benefits of the foot traffic and help fund my own thrifting. I witnessed first hand the vast amount of treasures people give away or sell for a fraction of retail stores. I learned very quickly the stuff that people have from generations back is far more cool.

My childhood wardrobe was mainly hand me downs from cousins or handmade from my talented mother. The reuse clothing concept spilled into my teenage years. I loved anything that had to do with fashion. I also knew how expensive things were, and having two siblings, shopping was very limited from cost alone. While everyone was back to school shopping at big box stores or traveling to Chicago for brand names, I continued to thrift and make my own clothes, and accessories. I enjoyed the rush of scouring the racks of Goodwill with my walkman on. I craved the process of hunting, then finding the perfect piece, and seeing how people reacted when I told them it was thrifted or handmade. There were times I was made to feel bad for desiring second hand and not being able to get that hot new trend, but I thought it was exciting having things that no one else could get, and reworking old items into new ones. Finding these things always came easy for me, and I never really considered it a skill or a talent. It was just what I did for myself to have rad stuff.

I went on to college, graduating from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2004, where I received a BFA in Photography and Studio Art. I actually wanted to be a landscape photographer. While being a broke college student, my love of thrifting only increased. From trying to find a new outfit for the weekend, to furnishing my college apartments, and scoring unique gifts for friends, it was my one natural passion I never swayed from. However, over the past 15 years I secured and committed to non-creative jobs in business, accounting, and management. It wasn’t until 2015 that I began dreaming up a business to combine my love of designing, finding, curating and styling timeless goods.

How I Define Style

Art, Design + Fashion are forever-evolving. Finding your signature style is a journey that changes over time, just as you do. It’s important to gravitate toward what brings you joy, confidence and comfort. Embrace and mix styles from the era’s that best represent you and what you love instead of only relying on current trends. When uncovering your own, focus on what is attracting your attention. Choose different, be vibrant, stay authentic.

Your style should be a reflection of your personality, illustrating whats on the inside outwardly. My style represents my inner bohemian spirit. It is a nod to my favorite era's gone by. It infuses my love affair with music by drawing inspiration from the bad ass rock-n-roll, do your own thing vibes of Stevie Nicks, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Grace Potter, here my list of idols can go on forever. I am obsessed with the 60’s and 70’s. I admire the aesthetics of Native American culture, the desert and mother nature. I appreciate all the forgotten, insanely genius objects from the past that have been circulating our world over time. My wardrobe and house is constantly changing from one day to the next. My love of accessories stems from needing to find unique pieces that I could weave into my ever changing style. These are just a few details that influence my life and creations.

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When I am not working, I am soaking up this beautiful life with my amazing + supportive husband, and our adorable Yorkie, named “T”. You can often find me in my art studio listening to records, or singing out loud while rearranging the rooms of our eclectic jungalow. I am a hoarder of liquids. It is normal for me to have a glass of black coffee, kombucha, la croix + scotch available to drink simultaneously throughout my day.  I look forward to traveling to new places and spontaneous road trips, but am fortunate to live in a growing city that I can constantly explore. 

The Meaning Behind the Name

While on our honeymoon in Italy, my husband and I stumbled upon a quaint wine bar named La Vite Turchése (translation: The Turquoise Screw). This is located in Barolo, a small town in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. We sank into their comfy leather couch next to a window while the sun began to set over the rolling vineyards, drank delicious local wine and stuffed our faces with the best antipasto we ever had. Our heavy talks about the future are often, but this time, in this place, it felt different. I’m not sure if it was the excitement of our travel experiences or all of the wine that we drank, but right then and there I made a commitment to myself and my husband that I would actively make every effort to create the career that I have talked about for so long.  

Turquoise is my favorite gemstone + color,
but TURCHÉSE is my liveliness.

Even though I believed starting a business was in my future, I never landed on a name that I felt symbolized all that I envisioned it to be, or become. I spent a lot of time contemplating what name would reflect my artistry and allow my vision to evolve. After we returned from our trip, I kept coming back to the moment in the wine bar where my heart was full of anticipation and I realized TURCHÉSE was perfect.

TURCHÉSE embodies my Italian heritage. My obsession with vintage jewelry and home decor. Admiration for the aesthetics of nature. Traveling and observing other cultures. The adventures when hunting to find rare pieces. The history behind each creation. The ability to connect with people. The desire to share my life with you. And above all, TURCHÉSE is a dream made into a reality.

TURCHÉSE has given me the freedom to explore all my passions at once. To create whatever inspires me. To explore thrift shops, antique stores and estate sales in search of beautiful items that have been discarded and now I can bring them back to life for you. It is an opportunity for me to design and sell a product for you to hold, wear, and love everyday.

Everything I find or create has a little piece of my heart. It makes me very happy to have the opportunity to transform the dynamic of your outfit and/or your home. I hope it will become a timeless keepsake for you or a loved one for years to come. Thank you for being here and making the conscious decision to support a small business.

Peace + Love,


La Vite Turchése, Barolo, Italy

La Vite Turchése, Barolo, Italy

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